Health and safety

The Group understands the critical role that environmental, ethical, legal and social dimensions play in its long term sustainability.

As a manufacturing organisation, providing a safe environment in which employees can work without accident or incident continues to be a key priority for the Board and the Group as a whole.

Health and safety

The Board recognises its responsibility for the health and wellbeing of everyone employed by the Group, part of which is providing a safe environment in which to work, free from accident or incident.

Lost time incidents by reason

The Group improved its 2018 health and safety statistics with a 22.0 per cent reduction in all incidents, including a 35.0 per cent reduction in the severity rate of accidents that have occurred.  Progress has been made through a combination of measures, supported by a dedicated health and safety manager at every site, ensuring sound systems and practices are well established and understood by everyone in all locations.


During 2018 AmesburyTruth carried out an extensive programme of health and safety activities, alongside the regular training activities.

A safety engagement survey covering all of North America was conducted. The results of the survey showed that, whilst the majority of employees were engaged with the importance of safety in the workplace, there remained some resistance to change.

The implementation of the STAR programme, “Stop, Talk, Acknowledge, no Risk” resulted in an additional 10,000 hours of safety training in 2018.  US Compliance, a third party safety resource, conducted behavioural based safety audits in the centres of excellence, following which each site received a report and development plan, with action plans being regularly reviewed with the senior leadership team.

The completion rate of 95 per cent of the planned safety activities and the established four-person panel reviews, which completed and provided feedback on 65 reviews, continue to keep safety a key area of activity in every location.

Activities carried out by ERA during the year included the implementation of a SHE software platform, focussed training programmes covering topics such as manual handling, manager safety expectations, and understanding hazard and risk.  Installer training included Asbestos and Lead at Work and Working at Height. The Health and Safety manual was refreshed and provided to every employee.

SchlegelGiesse is in its second year of a three-year programme, “Creating a Safer Working Environment” of safety initiatives, which aims to establish and embed a new organisational structure, with roles and responsibilities aligned with health and safety, including the appointment of a Divisional Health and Safety Manager. This top down communications programme has successfully established a health and safety culture across the division's diverse workforce.

Activities carried out during the year included the completion of site audits for all facilities, the implementation of a SHE software platform, safety workshops, toolbox talks and team briefings. 

In 2018, the division conducted a staff survey across all locations on health and safety. The results showed a very high positive result, with a high level of response and feedback.