Health and safety

As a manufacturing organisation, providing a safe working environment in which our employees return home safely is a key priority for the Board and the Group as a whole.

Safety is a focus at every level in the organisation from the Board and Executive Committee to our Divisional Leadership teams and the people working in our factories and distribution centres.  Local management are accountable for health and safety performance with oversight provided by dedicated Health, Safety and Sustainability (HSS) Managers in each Division. At Group level, further momentum is provided through a Health, Safety and Sustainability Director. Our health and safety community regularly share experiences and ideas for improvement.

Each Division has an annual safety improvement plan in place covering audits, management systems, training and employee engagement. At Group level a behavioural safety based training programme is being rolled out to all managers, supervisors and team leaders to further strengthen our safety culture and build the foundations for safety excellence.

Our core safety metric used to measure the outcomes of health and safety programmes is the Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) - the number of work-related incidents resulting in lost time, excluding the day of the incident itself, expressed per 1 million hours worked.  All incidents are investigated to understand the root causes and implement corrective action to prevent reoccurrence. Disclosure of our latest performance can be found in the 2020 Sustainability Report.

In addition to control of physical risks to personal safety, occupational health is also important to the Group. Health surveillance programmes are in place across the Divisions for routine exposures such as noise in our factories, airborne dust and fumes from painting and welding, to less-common exposures such as lead in paint from the renovation and repair of sash windows in older properties by our installers working in the UK. Ergonomics and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders also remain a focus for us.  

As mental health rises up society’s agenda we are taking steps to manage the wellbeing of our employees. Mental health awareness training and programmes are being deployed across a number of businesses.