Health and safety

The Group understands the critical role that environmental, ethical, legal and social dimensions play in its long term sustainability.

As a manufacturing organisation, providing a safe environment in which employees can work without accident or incident continues to be a key priority for the Board and the Group as a whole.

Health and safety

The Board recognises its responsibility for the health and wellbeing of everyone employed by the Group, part of which is providing a safe environment in which to work, free from accident or incident.

Lost time incidents by reason

As part of the continued focus on health and safety during the year, each Division has engaged with every member of staff to further embed the Tyman health and safety culture.

AmesburyTruth is well advanced with safety programmes and uses the US National Safety Weeks to reinforce the safety message, with a video communication to all employees. Follow-up facility audits are carried out by an external third party at sites, with recommended actions being taken.

ERA supports regular health and safety training for all staff, including managers, in areas such as manual handling, DSE assessments and driver awareness training for all mobile workers. ERA also conducts Division-wide staff health and safety culture questionnaires with the results being communicated with the staff at specific team briefings. The move to the i54 Wolverhampton site in 2017 provided management the opportunity of combining three locations into one site, bringing the health and safety focus into one dedicated role for all UK staff.  All ERA sites are ISO 9001 accredited.

In 2017 SchlegelGiesse embarked on a three-year programme, “Creating a Safer Working Environment” of safety initiatives, which aims to establish and embed a new organisational structure, with roles and responsibilities aligned with health and safety, including the appointment of a Divisional Health and Safety Manager.

Ad-hoc site audits were carried out by the Divisional Health and Safety Manager to ensure ongoing compliance with safety systems. Further initiatives carried out during the year included the identification of health and safety champions for each site to keep health and safety at the forefront of all operations. Should an incident occur, a four-person panel, independent of the operations, carries out an internal review of the causes of the accident, actions required to prevent a repeat occurrence and lessons learnt to assist with an improved safety culture.