Tyman's International Division operates as SchlegelGiesse.

SchlegelGiesse comprises the Group's businesses outside North America, together with its UK sealing and extrusion business.

SchlegelGiesse's locations

Door and window hardware components are manufactured at two locations in Italy and in China. Sealing and extrusion products are manufactured in Germany, Brazil, Australia and two locations in the UK.

With the emphasis on quality, innovation and design, SchlegelGiesse offers an integrated “one-stop solution” of hardware and sealing components for both residential and commercial applications.

Products have been developed for the specific requirements of each market and supplied either directly or via light assembly and distribution facilities in Spain, Greece, UAE, India, Argentina, New Zealand and Western Australia to provide the best possible service in all territories. The Division's products are sold in over 80 territories across the globe under the Schlegel, Giesse and Reguitti brands.