Innovation Driving Share Gains with European System Houses

“Our goal at QSLINE is to design innovative aluminum solutions that help create a more sustainable world. For this, we design window systems that meet the highest technical requirements, moulding and adapting to their projects to achieve excellence.

That is why we work with a global partner like Tyman, who provide us with technological solutions that make the most demanding projects a reality. We know that we work better when we work together. We share our common knowledge and energy to ensure that we achieve our collective and individual ends.”

Jose Luis Escalera, SAMM managing partner

Tyman has been successfully targeting market expansion and share gains with major system houses across Europe and the GCC for several years. It takes time to build trusted partnerships with this segment of the market, but once a supplier is designed into and specified into a system house’s customised solution it provides a stable recurring source of revenue.

These benefits are now manifesting themselves with strong sales growth to this channel, with 26% sales growth achieved in 2022. As a result, system houses now comprise 16% of the International division’s sales.

Below are examples of two collaborations.

Innovative pull and slide solution with SAMM

SAMM (Sistemas de Aluminio del Mediterraneo) is a Spanish system house, owner of the brand QSLINE. SAMM has used Giesse hardware since 2016 and is also an official distributor of QSystems aluminium systems, which integrates Giesse and Schlegel solutions.

SAMM and Giesse have recently been working together on a customised version of Giesse’s innovative new pull and slide system for sliding doors.

CHIC concealed hinges featuring on new sash & door series with Profils Systèmes

Profils Systèmes is one of the leading system houses in the French market. Design, innovation, sustainability are at the heart of the strategy of Profils Systèmes.

Since 2013 Profils Systèmes and Giesse have developed a strong collaboration, with Giesse chosen as the supplier of accessories for the sash and tilt and turn windows and doors.

Taking advantage of the current minimalist trend, Profils Systèmes’ latest sash and door series – named CUZCO – offers the Giesse NP Ultra handles accompanied by the Giesse CHIC concealed hinge. The latest innovation developed by the partnership between Giesse and Profils Systèmes, a new concealed hinge for invisible flush doors, was launched in October 2022 by Profils Systèmes at the Batimat construction trade show in Paris.