Sustainable operations

Tyman’s ambition is to transform the Group’s environmental performance by reducing its carbon footprint, water use and waste. Tyman is committed to aligning with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and is a signatory to the Science Based Target initiative.

The Group has set out a series of ambitious targets, including achieving near-term science-based reduction targets for its GHG emissions by 2030 and zero waste to landfill by 2026.

Tyman’s environmental policy sets the framework for our businesses to establish their local procedures for managing the environment, including their compliance with local regulations. In addition, a rigorous governance structure is in place, including comprehensive business-level action plans, to improve our environmental footprint in line with the Group’s publicly stated ambitions. These policies and management systems cover areas such as the use of materials, including the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle and on-going energy and water efficiency programmes. Where considered appropriate for their particular markets, our businesses also seek external certification to international environmental standards. As well as being good for the planet, these measures help reduce costs and improve operational resilience. 

Tyman’s Sustainable Operations pillar leads to the following contributions under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG Target Our planned contribution
SDG-8.svg Target 8.8 Promote safe and secure working environments for all workers Achieving world-class levels of safety performance and wellbeing programmes across the Group’s global operations
SDG-6.svg Target 6.4 By 2030, substantially increase water-use efficiency and address water scarcity Achieving water efficiency targets and undertaking water stress mapping to identify priority areas for improvement in our operations
SDG-7.svg Target 7.2 By 2030, increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix Energy efficient operations, use of renewable electricity supplies and on-site renewables to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases
SDG-12.svg Target 12.5 By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse Waste minimisation and zero waste to landfill in our operations


The latest GHG emissions, water and waste performance data are captured in the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts and the Tyman Sustainability Data Table.