Business model

We use our valuable resources to create long-term, sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Key resources and relationships

Our resources are carefully selected and developed to create competitive advantage.

Deep customer relationships

We work with our customers to understand their unique requirements in terms of the offer they require and how they wish to be served, making us the partner of choice across many channels to market. These long-term relationships bring high levels of repeat business and a customer intimacy that allows us to continuously improve the value we bring.

Strategic supplier partnerships

We carefully supplement our internal capabilities with select specialisms through external collaborations, allowing us to deliver the best in innovation, quality and service to our customers in the most efficient way.

Leading brands

Our portfolio of complementary brands have market-leading positions predicated on the innovation, quality and service they deliver for our customers, as evidenced through their long heritage. In some cases, the reputation of our brands is so strong with the end-users that the brand name has become synonymous with the category name.

Global footprint

Our global scale allows us to sustain and further develop a rich portfolio of products and technologies that support our customers’ needs, while having the presence and agility to respond quickly to the specifics of local markets.

Experienced and committed workforce

We have a highly-skilled, dedicated workforce of c.4,130 personnel around the world, together creating unparalleled knowledge of engineered fenestration components and access solutions technologies and applications. Our people are at the heart of our ability to deliver innovation, quality and service to our customers.

Strong balance sheet

Our portfolio attracts high margins due to its competitive advantages and a strong focus on margin expansion initiatives. Asset optimisation and disciplined management of capital investment drives significant cash generation. The resulting balance sheet strength and debt capacity creates a virtuous circle that will allow Tyman to make investments that drive further organic and acquisitive growth for years to come.

Key activities

Our competitive advantage allows us to undertake differentiated activities that address customer needs.

At the core of our capabilities is our ability to understand our customers’ and end users’ needs and translate these into innovative solutions that add genuine and relevant value to living and working spaces. This innovation is reflected in our extensive portfolio of standard products addressing all aspects of engineered fenestration components and access solutions for the construction industry.

In addition, we will collaborate with customers on the development of new window and door designs, leveraging our deep product and application expertise to create bespoke hardware and sealing solutions that create true value for end-users.

For window and door system designers, we offer our hardware system design capabilities and deliver drawings and bills of materials for both their standard solutions and bespoke projects.

For commercial building and infrastructure projects, we work with architects and specifiers to help them select and design in the right access solutions, bringing custom sizing or other capabilities as required.

In all cases, our leading-edge testing facilities and accreditations are a key component of ensuring that our products deliver the quality and durability that our customers expect of them, allowing our customers to assure their users of the same for their installed windows, doors and access solutions.

Make / Source

Our goal is always to provide our customers with the right product, delivered at the right time, at the right price.

Our size affords us economies of scale in the procurement of base commodity materials such as stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, polypropylene and also outsourced manufactured components.

We manufacture in our world class facilities where this aligns with our core capabilities. Our global footprint and network of extensive supplier partnerships also allows us unparalleled flexibility to deliver locally when close-coupling with our customers’ supply chains is required, or from a distance where more standardised production is possible and economics are more important.


We are continually looking to develop and optimise our routes to market to effectively meet the evolving demands of our industry around the world.

For our direct relationships with large window and door manufacturers, we embed with their operations, supplying just-in-time, sequenced components to their production lines.

We also serve specialist distributors and merchants who supply smaller manufacturers, system design companies, architects and construction contractors. We excel at delivering to these customers on the short lead-times they routinely require. We also provide training and technical support to give them the product and application knowledge to best serve their customers.

For large commercial building and infrastructure projects, we ship direct to site and then support with onsite technical support as required.

Our growing smartware offer requires new routes to market and we have developed and trained a network of accredited installers to support homeowners with a leading-edge security proposition.

Value created

Together, our key resources, relationships and differentiated activities allow us to create value for our stakeholders.


We deliver highly-engineered components that allow window and door manufacturers to differentiate in their marketplace with value-enhanced windows, doors and other forms of access solution. In addition, Tyman delivers industry-leading services to these customers ranging from design support to integrated supply of components into window fabrication processes. Our products are also designed to ensure ease of installation for contractors, and our short lead times and technical support allow our distributors to serve their customers in the best way.


Relative to their cost point, our products and solutions have a disproportionate impact on the comfort, sustainability, security, safety and aesthetics of residential homes and commercial buildings.


Tyman invests in its people through employee training, career path development and continual improvement of working practices and conditions.


Our strategic suppliers benefit from long term, fair partnerships with development of their business practices and capabilities.


We strive to continually deliver increased shareholder value through a mix of both capital appreciation and dividend distributions, made possible through our growth in earnings and financial strength as we deliver on our strategy.


Our products support making buildings more sustainable by enabling weather resistance, sound insulation, heat loss reduction and overall durability. Many products have a positive societal impact, through reducing community crime rates, enhancing safety and fire protection and meeting the needs of vulnerable groups. As a Group, we are also committed to minimising our impact on our environment through more deeply embedding sustainable practices in all our operations.