Business model

We use our valuable resources to create long-term, sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Key resources, relationships and competitive advantages

Our utilise carefully selected resources and our competitive advantages..........

Experienced and committed workforce

Our highly-skilled, dedicated workforce provides the expert touch for our customers.

Strategic supplier partnerships

We supplement our internal capabilities with select specialisms through external collaborations, allowing us to deliver the best in innovation, quality and service to our customers.

Strong cash generation

Our high value-add products attract strong margins which, coupled with disciplined management of capital, drives significant cash generation. The resulting balance sheet strength allows us to invest to drive further organic and acquisitive growth.

Leading brands, broad product offering, innovation embedded

Our broad portfolio of complementary brands has market-leading #1 or #2 positions predicated on the innovation, quality and service they deliver for our customers. The Group holds 530 active patents with another 144 pending, reflecting the extent of innovation embedded in our broad range of products. Approximately 20% of revenue is patent protected.

Deep integrated, long-term customer relationships

We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and become a long-term strategic partner for them, bringing high levels of repeat business and a customer intimacy that allows us to continually improve the value we bring to them.


Our scale allows us to sustain and further develop a rich portfolio of products and technologies that support our customers’ needs, while giving us the presence and agility to respond quickly to the specifics of local customers and markets.

To undertake key activities.........................

The Group undertakes three key activities with a clear focus on addressing our customer needs, and aligned to our sustainability strategy.

Our domain expertise, deep customer relationships and leading-edge testing facilities allow us to understand end-user needs to create innovative, value-adding solutions.

We collaborate with customers on the development of new window and door designs, leveraging our deep product and application expertise to create bespoke hardware and sealing solutions that create true value for end-users. Our leading-edge testing facilities and accreditations allow our customers to assure their end users of the quality and durability of their installed windows, doors and access solutions.

There is an increasing emphasis on designing solutions for our customers that positively impact  the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We manufacture in our world class facilities where this aligns with our core capabilities, leveraging our economies of scale in the procurement of raw materials and outsourced manufactured components. 

We are committed to minimising our own impact on the environment through embedding sustainable practices in our operations.


We are continually looking to develop and optimise our routes to market to effectively meet the evolving demands of our industry around the world and take into account our impact on the environment.

this ranges from supplying just-in-time direct to the production lines of large window and door manufacturers through to short lead-time supply to specialist distributors and project sites. We back this up with extensive technical and application support.

Value created

Together, this generates significant value for all our stakeholders.


We aim to deliver increased shareholder value through a mix of capital appreciation and dividend distributions, made possible through earnings growth and financial strength as we deliver on our strategy.


Our highly engineered components that allow window and door manufacturers to differentiate in their marketplace with value-enhanced windows, doors and other forms of access solution. In addition, Tyman delivers industry-leading services to these customers ranging from design support and application engineering to integrated supply of components into window fabrication processes. Our products are also designed to ensure ease of installation for contractors, and our short lead times and technical support allow our distributors to serve their customers in the best way.


Relative to their cost point, our products and solutions have a disproportionate impact on the comfort, sustainability, security, safety and aesthetics of residential and commercial buildings.


We invest in our people through employee training, career path development and continual improvement of working practices and conditions.


Our products and solutions help make society more sustainable, by making buildings more energy efficient, protecting buildings against climate hazards, reducing community crime rates, enhancing the safety and fire protection of buildings and meeting the needs of vulnerable groups. As a Group, we are also committed to minimising our impact on our environment through more deeply embedding sustainable practices in all our operations.


Our strategic suppliers benefit from long term, fair partnerships with development of their business practices and capabilities.