Share gains from capacity expansion investment

In 2021, Tyman installed new state-of-the-art equipment to expand its urethane seal manufacturing capacity at its Statesville, North Carolina facility. The business is now leveraging this investment alongside its expertise in door seals to win incremental business.

The challenge

AFCO Industries (AFCO) is a leading producer of aluminium, plastic and fiberglass products to the US buildings and construction industry. During the strong post-COVID rebound in the US housing market, AFCO was sourcing their urethane door seals from outside of the US. This caused them to experience variable lead times from their suppliers which, in turn, caused them to carry excessive amounts of inventory at their local manufacturing plants. Their plants did not have the capacity to properly manage this excess inventory, causing them major operational challenges.

The solution

Given its geographical proximity to AFCO, and with its newly expanded manufacturing capacity, Tyman was able to commit to significantly shorter lead times for AFCO for their Q-Lon urethane door seals.

Value created

Tyman differentiated itself by understanding the customer’s problem and clearly articulating how its value proposition and recent investment at its Statesville facility would generate financial and operational benefits for AFCO by switching from an overseas to a domestic supplier for its urethane door seals. This allowed AFCO to reduce ts door seal inventory levels, freeing up cash to invest in its business.

"We are excited to partner with Tyman as our preferred supplier with their Q-Lon branded door seals. In 2022, our team actively sought to select a domestic supplier with sufficient capacity to produce our full product range. As a result of this partnership, we reduced inventory holding costs while improving operational efficiencies within our poduction facility." Mark Clayton, Global Purchasing Manager, AFCO