Cross-divisional collaboration on Riyadh metro

"We receive excellent support from the Tyman organisation. They have spared no effort to extend assistance and solve any bottleneck at the earliest opportunity, and this is highly appreciated.”

Alaa Kabbara

Procurement Manager, BACS Consortium

In Riyadh, the population is expected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years.

With the aim of relieving traffic congestion, in 2014, the city announced an ambitious US$22.5 billion infrastructure project, consisting of six metro lines spanning 176 kilometres and a total of 85 stations, with the first lines expected to open in 2021 and for full operational capacity to be achieved in early 2022.

Working with BACS, a consortium of main contractors including Bechtel, Almabani and Siemens with responsibility for three of the six lines, Tyman supported the project from initial specification, through detailed design and to commissioning, at each stage working directly with the contracting team on site.

The main supply was 73 Bilco access doors from the US that provided the safe emergency egress from underground metro platforms. Bilco’s spring-loaded piston doors were considered a superior solution for the project given their enhanced durability and lower maintenance requirements. Design approval by BACS and compliance with the strict specifications of the Riyadh General Directorate of Civil Defence required significant input from the Bilco technical team in the US and extensive third party testing in the UK, all of which was co-ordinated for the customer by the local SchlegelGiesse team in the Middle East.

Based on the success of this partnership, BACS decided to collaborate further with Tyman and selected Howe Green access covers and Profab fire-rated riser doors from the UK for other elements of the project.

Overall, the ability to bring together market-leading solutions from across Tyman’s global portfolio, while underpinning these with expert technical support and local project management, led to over US$1million of Tyman’s commercial access products being supplied to the project.